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Latest accounting concise case looks at nonprofit challenges

“Steve, the treasurer, took notes and he would later create the presentation once the finance committee came to a consensus.  This was a time-consuming process and Steve was feeling frustrated. He was the third treasurer in 5 years, and the finance committee did not want to lose another one. Alexa felt that there had to be a better way to set up the accounting system so the automatically generated statements would meet the needs of the board without excessive time spent by the treasurer”.

In our latest concise case, North church, a medium size Congregational church, struggles with producing meaningful financial reports to its Board of Trustees (BOT) to help them monitor and make important financial decisions at a time of declining revenues and rising expenses. After attending a webinar on church finance, the treasurer and the finance committee decided to update the entire chart of accounts to be consistent with non-for-profit accounting principles.  They approached a local state university to recruit an accounting student intern to implement these changes over the summer.

We are delighted to welcome back Miranda Lam, PhD of Salem State University, co-author of Creative Community Space last month, and very pleased to welcome her co-authors Lisa Chen PhD and Brian P. LeBlanc MBA to the IJIC community. Their case is aimed at students of Accounting, Accounting Information System, and Not-for-profit Accounting.

See the case’s abstract and purchase copies here.

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