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Call for Compact Teaching Cases – People Management Skills in Practice

Target Publication Date: December 2023

The International Cases in Business and Management book series published by Routledge (Gina Vega and Rob Edwards, Series Eds.) is seeking teaching cases and instructor notes for an edited book focused on people management skills in practice. The book will be used as a consulting or teaching tool to assist novice managers and leaders in developing a set of managerial skills to handle the challenges of managing or coordinating with others. Each chapter will be organized around a theme and will have its own set of reflection questions, recommended readings, and general discussion questions to supplement the individual case teaching notes.

We welcome cases that incorporate diversity, an international focus, or management of virtual teams.
Chapter 1’s cases will focus on topics related to “creating a positive workplace climate and culture,” such as voice, onboarding, creating trust, and selecting the right people for a virtual team.
Chapter 2’s cases will focus on topics related to “communicating effectively,” such as receiving or giving feedback, reflective listening, and miscommunication (e.g., cross- cultural; nonverbals issues).
Chapter 3’s cases will focus on topics related to “motivating and coaching subordinates,” such as setting goals and objectives, coaching, cross-cultural motivation, fear of failure, and empowerment.
Chapter 4’s cases will focus on topics related to “influencing others,” such as upward influence, using power ethically, building and using your power base, and persuasion from a position of little power.
Chapter 5’s cases will focus on topics related to “managing conflict” such as managing conflict with subordinates or in cross-cultural teams, or handling the challenges of going from peer to supervisor.

Deadlines for authors:
September 1, 2022:
Expressions of interest by potential contributors (and indication of topic area)

September 30, 2022:
Submit draft case and teaching note for peer review and decision

October 15, 2022:
Decisions and selection of cases to be included in this book; feedback to authors [Cases will have a rigorous blind peer-review and selection process. Selected cases will have subsequent rounds of reviewing/editing, with a developmental focus.]

Nov 30 – Dec 30, 2022
Revisions due for accepted cases (deadlines to be staggered by chapter)

January – June, 2023
Additional rounds of reviewing/editing to refine/finalize cases and teaching notes

Book Editor:

Dr. Laurie Levesque, Suffolk University

Compact cases in this volume will be:
• based on a real management situation at a real organization (not composites or fiction) and focused on a specific people management skill, or a small cluster of related skills, i.e., protagonists are managers or their direct reports.
• about 2,000 words in length (1,000-2,500 range).
• accompanied by a well-developed Teaching Note (TN), which is not included in that word count. TNs must have an abstract, key words, 2-3 learning objectives, target audience/courses, 3-4 discussion questions with sample answers, two suggested learning activities in addition to the discussion, recommended readings to pair with the case, an epilogue, statement of research methodology, and a brief literature review or theory discussion.
• have a signed written release/permission from the company (even if disguised) unless all data is secondary and was collected and cited from public sources.
• previously unpublished. A special arrangement between the International Journal of Instructional Cases (IJIC) and Routledge allows a portion of cases to have been published by the IJIC. Ask the editor for details.

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