International Journal of Instructional Cases (IJIC)


Just Published: Covid-19 and The Everglade Hotel

In this new IJIC concise case, authors Rebecca Wilson-Mah and Daniel Bernardes of Royal Roads University, Canada, ask students to discuss and put together an emergency contingency strategy for a busy hotel in Victoria, British Columbia, as the Covid-19 pandemic starts to explode in early 2020. The case follows Kim Douglas, Director of Rooms, who has initial concerns about how prepared the Everglade Hotel is to adapt to the new global situation, and prompts students to consider his next steps in relation to the huge impact that the virus has on the tourism & hospitality industry.

The case is accompanied by rich, extended teaching notes, providing instructors with all the support they need to teach a fascinating and exciting session.

The new case is part of the IJIC specialist track in Tourism & Hospitality, edited by Rebecca Wilson-Mah. For more information, visit here.

Read the abstract for the case, and find purchasing options, at

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