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Leading experts consider COVID-19 impact on tourism

Dr Rebecca Wilson-Mah, Royal Roads University

We are delighted to welcome award-winning case writer Dr Rebecca Wilson-Mah back to IJIC. Together with leading tourism expert and Royal Roads University colleague, Kathy MacRae, they consider the case of Maple Leaf Adventures, a business offering small ship cruises and multi-day excursions in Canada’s spectacular coastal locations on the west coast of British Columbia.

Kathy MacRae, Royal Roads University


The concise case focuses on business owner Kevin Smith and the impact of COVID-19 on the plan for the company. Smith needs a completely new plan for his business, and the case invites students to consider this need to pivot operations.

The case supports business and tourism students at the undergraduate and graduate level to identify the content and process of possible pivots for a small or medium enterprise and the possibilities that can be developed when SMEs and their representative associations work together.

Other IJIC cases by Dr Wilson-Mah:

A Sudden Inhospitable Situation: The Everglade Hotel
Authors: Rebecca Wilson-Mah & Daniel Bernardes

The Everglade Hotel had just completed a lengthy period of renovations to the public areas, including the lobby and the restaurant. Anticipation was high for a busy summer season and occupancy rate was forecast to be around 77%. When COVID-19 became a public health issue the Hotel had to shift gears quickly. With prior experience responding to SARS in a hotel in China, the GM looked to Douglas, Director of Rooms to be a key lead in the response, and Douglas needed to act swiftly. Use this case to provide students with the opportunity to consider what to do immediately in a crisis, and how to create a contingency plan.

The Local Wild Food Challenge: Translating a Chef’s Passion for Wild Food into a Sustainable Event
Authors: Ingrid Kajzer Mitchell, Rebecca Wilson-Mah, Christine Van Winkle

Chef Bill Manson had created a small community event, the Local Wild Food Challenge in 2008 in Eastbourne, New Zealand. The event had since become a network of communities holding yearly events in different countries celebrating the culinary skills of local people. With expansion Manson recognized that he needed to give more consideration to community event planning and organization, while also staying true to his commitment to inclusivity and promoting sustainability of local resources. This case is suitable for tourism, hospitality, event, and recreation students at both the senior undergraduate level and graduate level.

The Peak Hotel
Author: Anita Zehrer, Gabriele Leiß, Charles Krusekopf & Rebecca Wilson-Mah

A family-run four-star hotel in the Austrian Alps has challenges with regard to family firm succession. The family firm is currently in its second generation, and the owners, Perry and Patricia, want to develop a plan to hand the business to the next generation. The entrepreneurial family is dealing with change and transformation processes among the family members. This case supports entrepreneurship and family business students at both undergraduate level and graduate level to consider options and issues in the succession planning of family firms. This case may be taught as an example of intra-family firm succession in a family business management, business strategy or entrepreneurship course.

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