International Journal of Instructional Cases (IJIC)


Leadership Style's Impact on Operational Performance Towards Sustainable Growth: A Case Study of the Malaysian Banking Industry

Ooi Li Mien
MBA Student, COLD, INTI International University, Malaysia
Abdul Rahman Bin S Senathirajah
INTI International University, Malaysia
Majid Bin Md. Isa
INTI International University, Malaysia
Rasheedul Haque
MAHSA University, Malaysia.
Tippawan Lertatthakornkit
Faculty of Management, Shinawatra University, Thailand
Ganesh Ramasamy
INTI International University, Malaysia
Hariharan N Krishnasamy
INTI International University, Malaysia.


This study examines the impact of various leadership styles on operational efficiency in Malaysian banks. Three key elements comprise the conceptual model: transactional, transformational, and democratic leadership styles. The Full Range Leadership Theory and the Participative Theory of Leadership are the sources of these elements. A comprehensive review of the literature was conducted, which was then followed by the execution of a well-organized survey to collect data. For this study, a sample of 400 individuals was intentionally selected, and their responses were collected. Multiple regression analysis evaluated the study model's relevance. The research uncovers valuable insights for the banking sector, shedding light on resource allocation and strategic planning that takes into consideration the impact of a leader's style. The discussion section explores practical strategies for managers to enhance operational performance through their leadership philosophies. This publication acknowledges certain limitations, such as the reliance on self-reported data and the use of a cross-sectional design. Additionally, it provides valuable insights and recommendations for future research endeavours. The study's conclusion highlights the crucial role of leadership styles in driving operational performance in Malaysia's banking industry, with a focus on promoting sustainable growth. It can also inspire a deeper interest in this field of study and offer practitioners valuable guidance.

Keywords:Leadership, Operational Performance, Sustainable Growth and Banking.