International Journal of Instructional Cases (IJIC)


Job Burnout Among Nurses Working in A Private Hospital in Baghdad

Haider Mohammed Haider
Mustansiriyah University, Dewan Affairs
Tawhed Fadhil Jaber
Mustansiriyah University, Education Faculty


Extensive working hours in the health industry sometimes led to job burnout for healthcare personnel. Many times, healthcare workers must be on call around-the-clock, which may increase stress and cause job burnout. The goal of this research is to look at occupational burnout among Baghdad private hospital nurses. A scale to gauge occupational burnout was developed by the researcher using a main quantitative investigation. The data were gathered via survey, and 92 individuals were carefully chosen to provide a representative sample. The researcher used a number of statistical programs and techniques to verify the information. These included percentage analysis, one-sample t-testing to find any differences in the respondents' views, and Cronbach's alpha formula calculations for stability and reliability. The link between variables was investigated using a Pearson correlation coefficient and variations within the parameters of occupational burnout were analysed by the researcher using a one-way ANOVA. According to the study's findings, job burnout is common among nurses employed in Baghdad's private hospitals; high levels of stated. It is based on a statistical analysis of the variable related to work pressure. Furthermore, research indicates a lack of correlation between occupational burnout and work empowerment. However, factors like reinforcement, social support, value conflict, and unfairness showed a noteworthy correlation with occupational burnout. However, the study found no significant correlation between occupational burnout, years of experience, and educational qualification. The current study has also yielded valuable insights into ways to mitigate occupational burnout in private hospitals in Baghdad.

Keywords:Burnout, Work Pressure, Positive Reinforcement, Unfairness, Baghdad.