International Journal of Instructional Cases (IJIC)


Factors Influencing Purchase Intention in the Online Apparel Retailing Industry Aimed at Sustainable Growth: A Case Study of China’s E-Marketplace

Ji Xiaofei
INTI International University, Malaysia
Abdul Rahman Bin S Senathirajah
INTI International University, Malaysia.
Majid bin Md. Isa
INTI International University, Malaysia.
Mohd Saleh Abbas
INTI International University, Malaysia.
Tippawan Lertatthakornkit
Faculty of Management, Shinawatra University, Thailand.
Ganesh Ramasamy
INTI International University, Malaysia.
Hariharan N Krishnasamy
INTI International University, Malaysia


This research aimed to examine the impact of various factors of consumer satisfaction in China's online clothing industry on purchase intention, with the objective of fostering long-term growth in this sector. The existing literature on "online shopping e-service quality" research served as the foundation for our innovation and knowledge development. This study investigates the relationship between three attributes of the electronic service quality model and three psychological factors in the TPB model to enhance the prediction of customer behaviour. The data were collected from 580 online apparel consumers in mainland China. The analysis indicates that service quality has a positive impact on customers' purchase intention through customer satisfaction. Additionally, purchase intention is directly influenced by perceived behavioural control and attitude. All dimensions of e-service quality have an impact on customer satisfaction.

Keywords:Online Apparel Retail, E-Service Quality, Psychological, Satisfaction, Purchase Intention, Sustainable Growth.