International Journal of Instructional Cases (IJIC)

Tourism & Hospitality

Rebecca Wilson-Mah, EdD

Associate Editor

It is a challenge to locate teaching cases for tourism and hospitality education and professional development. This track presents a range of cases situated in this dynamic and multi-faceted industry that includes large corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and the public and non-profit sectors. Social media (TripAdvisor, Instagram, Yelp) and the gig economy (AirBnB, Uber) are all innovators that identified an opportunity inspired by the tourism experience.

What does this mean for case writers? Well, there are so many different opportunities for cases! Our students benefit from real world cases that offer a diverse perspective on this complex and dynamic industry

The tourism and hospitality track welcomes cases from teachers, authors, and researchers. External conditions that include the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and environmental degradation are challenging our business practices and priorities. We welcome cases that present actions businesses have taken to survive and thrive, re-focus their client relationships, adapt their business models, or to shift their operating systems and resources. What story do you have to tell?

We welcome your ideas at any stage in the development of a concise case and teaching note. Be sure to share your questions with us.

Concise cases that focus on tourism & hospitality are now welcomed for review. Please see the IJIC Submission Guidelines for more information.

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