International Journal of Instructional Cases (IJIC)

India Focused Cases

Professor G.V Muralidhara

Associate Editor

ndia is a country that is being closely followed globally as it is one of the fastest growing emerging economies. It is also the world’s largest democracy. India is expected to become the most populous country in the world surpassing China, by 2028. India has a unique advantage in terms of its large, young English speaking population.

There is a good demand for India-focused cases not only from institutions in India but also from institutions in the USA and Europe. A large population of students study in the European and American universities. These students can easily relate to Indian cases and it helps them build confidence particularly in the initial period of their study in a foreign environment. Students from other countries are also interested in learning about the unique aspects of Indian economy and Indian businesses as India is an important destination for investments.

With their growing interest for short cases, institutions will find the high quality, concise, India-focused cases with expanded teaching notes being published by IJIC, adding unique value to their programs.

While there are a large number of case studies on topics related to marketing and strategy, there are many other topics that need to be explored. Our focus will be on developing cases related to challenges faced by Indian companies expanding abroad and foreign companies entering India, the challenges of a growing economy in finding employment to a large, young workforce, emerging Indian multinationals, unique aspects of Indian management and values, managing diversity and inclusion, the growth of an entrepreneurial economy, growth of technology based ventures, challenges of reaching out to a large underserved rural population, the challenges of providing quality healthcare to the masses, the changing face of the Indian family businesses, India’s role in the global economy and other emerging areas.

Concise cases that focus on an Indian context are now welcomed for review.

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