International Journal of Instructional Cases (IJIC)

Building Community Through Cases Project​

Join us and set up a community of practice in your own institution devoted to the “care and feeding” of case writers.  

You are likely the one with the most case writing experience in your school, so you could lead a small workshop for your colleagues and build a case writing community right there (or on your course management software until we can get back together in person).  

We will happily provide you with a set of guidelines, some slides, and operational suggestions to get you started – you have only to ask for the IJIC Case Writing Community packet, and we will get it out to you at no charge to our authors and at minimal cost to others.

  • Develop an even closer relationship with your colleagues
  • Learn/improve on a specific scholarly skill
  • Add to the body of knowledge
  • Help students learn
  • Enhance your CV

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We look forward to sharing stories from
our burgeoning Case Writing Community! 

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